Australia's dairy future is bright

Dairy Free Truffles
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Australia's dairy future is bright
Jane Stanley recently painted an unrelentingly bleak picture of Australia's dairy industry by claiming that milk was now “cheaper than water”. Expensive bottled water is not a new phenomenon and, depending on the brand, it has been more expensive than …
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Yoga-thon for Cheylesmore boy who has deadly food allergies
Henry must stick to a heavily-restricted dairy-free diet, and he and his family must scour every ingredients label before he takes a bite. For some sufferers it can be socially excluding, with every outing needing to be planned with precision. But …
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FitPro Plus Secures Distribution in Northern Texas Convenience Stores
This revolutionary, ready to drink protein shake is created through a process that gently filters milk to eliminate lactose, while preserving pure liquid protein and the essential vitamins and minerals naturally found in milk. It is lactose free …

Get Fit With got milk? In 2014
And to get motivated, the California Milk Processor Board (CMPB), the creator of got milk?, has teamed up with fitness blogger and expert Carmen Melgoza, a popular trainer and social media guru, to provide free online fitness and nutrition tips to help …
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